Deaf Awareness

I offer personalised deaf awareness training (it is free at the moment)

If you have deaf awareness training, not only does it give you more knowledge on Deaf people but it also promotes inclusiveness for your school, college, business, company and yourself.

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In these deaf awareness training sessions, I include

  • About me – who I am, my deafness, what I have achieved
  • Communication preferences of D/deaf people
  • Addressing myths of deaf people
  • Activities – ‘how well can you lipread’
  • Importance of subtitles
  • Video clips from NDCS, Deaf YouTubers

However, not all presentations will have the same format or layout.

A deaf awareness presentation to a school will be very different to a college deaf awareness presentation, the same applies for businesses.

I have delivered Deaf Awareness to:

I am planning to do more, keep watching this page for updates!