Why I left Lancaster University

I started on a Social Work course at Lancaster in October 2018. I left that course in May 2019.

There are many reasons why I left and didn’t continue the three year course Lack of Deaf Awareness

1.Lack of Deaf Awareness

The Disability Services has a ‘one size fits all’ approach. They seem to lack adequate education in Deaf students at University and show no interest to support Deaf students in the best they possibly can, this is my personal experience.

Students within the course and University itself don’t receive Deaf awareness sessions within the introduction week.

I provided a Deaf awareness session to staff and students thinking it would improve the situation, which it didn’t for most staff and students.

2. Attitudes

Students held negative or pre-concieved views of Deaf people and held stereotypical views of Deaf people

Disability services seem to treat support for Disabled students at Lancaster as a favour rather than an entitlement

3. Accessibility

Educational videos were more than often not [CC]; when they were [CC], they were inaccurate.

Resources were not made easier for me as a Deaf student to understand, I wasn’t provided with 1:1 support at Lancaster.

That is a short summary; if you have any questions about being at Lancaster as a Deaf student; DM me on kirstyj.18 (Instagram)

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I am deaf, obviously. I am passionate about deaf rights and want to raise awareness on the issues that deaf people face on a daily basis while bringing in my own personal experiences as a deaf person in a deaf and hearing world....

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