Can you relate? My experience in mainstream school in 12 sentences.

I attended mainstream primary, secondary, college and now University. So I have A LOT of experience being 1 of 2/3 Deaf people out of hundreds of hearing people.


  1. Being in ANY, almost EVERY lesson when the teacher is doing the register to check attendance and worrying and waiting for when they will say your name.. anyone else? or is that just me

2. Every time a teacher explains a new topic and they HAVE to use fancy diagrams and pictures on the board whilst directly talking to the board…

3. Getting asked a question but not hearing what the teacher has asked, then the teacher assumes you don’t know… instead of REPEATING it

Other students:

  1. Getting asked if they can use your radio aid… ‘can you hear me’ repeated 200 times. Like YES I CAN HEAR YOU but I have no clue what you are saying

2. ‘What are those THINGS in your ears’ – One day, I really want to answer ‘Oh you didn’t know, I work for the CIA πŸ™‚ ‘

3. When other students panic that you are Deaf and think if they open their mouth wide and talk loud and slow.. it will help. Firstly, no. Secondly, you need a chewing gum

‘I know everything about Deaf people teacher’

  1. I know sign language!!! –

Me: excited

Them: A…..p……C…..o


2. Making it obvious that you are the only Deaf person in the room

‘ 3.Your doing so so well even though your Deaf’ … ok so Deaf people can’t achieve. Got ya πŸ™‚

‘I can’t be bothered to attempt to understand how to include you in my classes teacher’

  1. ‘Didn’t you hear what I just said??’ – nope.. that’s kind of why I’m staring at you with a confused face??????????

2. ‘Next time, listen in class’ – yeah okay, I’ll just programme my hearing aids to ‘hearing’ next time πŸ™‚

3. ‘Stop talking to the person next to you’ – but I’m just asking the person next to me what you SAID BECAUSE I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT

Here are some interesting clips from Deaf people for you to check out this week!!

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I am deaf, obviously. I am passionate about deaf rights and want to raise awareness on the issues that deaf people face on a daily basis while bringing in my own personal experiences as a deaf person in a deaf and hearing world....

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