Looking back, appreciating where we are now.

1933, where it all began. The genocide of disabled people. It is truly heartbreaking to think of all the lives lost to the hands of Nazi’s genocide of disabled people. Not just disabled people, but their genocide of Jewish people, Roma, Gypsies and Black people

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Darfur Genocide Intervention

I wanted to look back on the history of disabled people, and look at where we are now. Even though, we still have a long way to go, we have come so far. 


  • No rights for disabled people
  • Independent living didn’t even exist
  • No voices were heard from disabled people
  • Poor education for disabled people
  • Sterilisation of disabled children under 3 years old
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There is so much development, I would have to write a lot.

Even though, this development is amazing, there is still so much work to be done.. just because we have laws, policies and whatever in place, it does not mean that disabled people do not receive hate, discrimination, marginalisation, oppression. We do, and its real.

On a nice note, if you want to know more about the activism of disabled people. Click on the links below!

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I am deaf, obviously. I am passionate about deaf rights and want to raise awareness on the issues that deaf people face on a daily basis while bringing in my own personal experiences as a deaf person in a deaf and hearing world....

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